2017 Shadow Award Results!

Originally posted on The Molotov Cocktail:
We were swept away… …by the tremendous talent we witnessed in the 2017 Shadow Award poetry contest. This contest yielded our highest turnout to date, making competition especially fierce. Once again, brilliant poet Mary Lenoir Bond did the heavy-lifting with the judging process. A huge thanks to Mary for all of…


Join the Resistance! Enter Flash Rage!

“Rage, rage against the dying of the light.” – Dylan Thomas Submit to Flash Rage Our namesake projectile may never be more apt than for our next quarterly contest. With the need for resistance and revolution at a fever pitch these days, we want to see some of that energy channeled into striking works […] via… Continue reading Join the Resistance! Enter Flash Rage!


Latest Molotov Cocktail issue

Issue 7.20 is hot off the press. This go-round features pieces from three first-time contributors, flash fiction that huddles for warmth in a charred apocalyptic wasteland, gets pulled down by a trash-choked river current, and finds tiny alligators crawling out of its barnacle wounds. Less than a month left until our Flash Rage contest soft… Continue reading Latest Molotov Cocktail issue