Strange Sundays: Poetry That Surprises

Strange Sundays: Head of a Doll

This is a short poem by another one of my all-time favorite poets, Charles Simic. I admire him for his concise, yet rich imagery.

Head of a Doll

Whose demon are you,

Whose god? I asked

Of the painted mouth

Half buried in the sand.

A brooding gull

Made a brief assessment,

And tiptoed away

Nodding to himself.

At dusk a firefly or two

Dowsed its eye pits.

And later, toward midnight,

I even heard mice.

by Charles Simic

The Voice at 3:00 A.M.: Selected & New Poems, Copyright 2003 Charles Simic, Harcourt, Inc.

In an effort to share more modern poetry with the world, I am attempting to share one poem every Sunday (usually with a strange/dark/offbeat spin, in honor of the journals I edit), to my blog here. If you are interested in being featured, message me via my Twitter @LeNoirBleu. The poem should already be published, with the copyright reverted back to you, and should be at least one year since the original publication date.


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