Strange Sundays: Poetry That Surprises

Strange Sundays: Poems that surprise. “Knowledge”


Now that I know

That passion warms little

Of flesh in the mold, 

And treasure is brittle,

I’ll lie here and learn

How, over their ground,

Trees make a long shadow

And a light sound.

By Louise Bogan

 ⓒ Louise Borgan 1922

This poem first appeared in Poetry Magazine in 1922, later republishes in 2012.

Louise Bogan (August 11, 1897 – February 4, 1970) was an American poet.[1] She was appointed the fourth Poet Laureate to the Library of Congress in 1945, and was the first woman to hold this title.[2] Throughout her life she wrote poetry, fiction, and criticism, and became the regular poetry reviewer for The New Yorker. (Source: Wikipedia)


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