San Francisco, I love you, but you’re bringing me down…

I’ve finally had the opportunity to view the great (and very sad, but true) HBO documentary on the decline of culture and art in San Francisco. The persistent, forced segregation of the classes leaves me to wonder who will do the “dirty” work in SF? Anyone who is not a techie can’t afford to live in the city limits and those $56 hamburgers aren’t going to cook themselves. Those cab rides, $9 coffees, music and art and theatre venues will all have to be operated by A.I. slaves invented by said techies in order to keep their bubble of upper class life running. “San Francisco 2.0” interviews many of SF’s past mayors as well as current CEO’s, techies, artists, and homeless. It discusses how it’s “a city that is becoming out of reach and out of touch.” It really breaks my heart. I was born in the Bay Area. I was lucky to have lived most of my adult life in San Francisco, at 3 different times. I fear it will only get much worse before it ever gets better, if it does. #SanFrancisco2Point0