The Shadow Award

The very best contemporary poems available online today can only be found here, via the #ShadowAward results. Read the top ten winners of our 2016 poetry awards https://themolotovcocktail.com/2016/06/17/shadow-award/

The Molotov Cocktail

 shadow award cover4

Well, this is new.

The Molotov Cocktail has been around for well over six years now, and this is the very first time that poetry is gracing our pages. We were ecstatic to see such a strong turnout, and the quality was out of this world. Our primary poetry judge,Mary Lenoir Bond, had her work cut out for her.

Don’t forget to check out our results page to take a peek at the coveted close-but-no-cigarshout-outs. Our next quarterly contest, Flash Icon, is in full swing and requires that you include an iconic person, place or thing. Get weird with it!

But enough about me…

Shadow Award Winner

The Devil’s Taken His Dress Off

by Amanda Chiado

2nd Place

stark raving naked

by Christopher P. Mooney

3rd Place

Children of the Damp

by B.T. Schweitzer

Honorable Mentions

4th – The Divine Heap

by Amanda Chiado

5th –

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