2017 Shadow Award Results!

Shadow Award results are in! This was an exceptionally tough contest to judge. I read each and every poem a couple of times and the top 50-60 poems over and over. And the top 30 even more. The top 10 is hard to sort out and there are hundreds of complicated reasons for their placements, so suffice it to say, if you didn’t place it’s not personal. Your poem may be really, really good and likely picked up elsewhere! Keep submitting. There can only be 10 top spots for us, so you may be a top 10 somewhere else. You’re writing and you’re bravely submitting. Keep reading, keep writing, keep editing your work, keep submitting! Thank you for trusting Molotov with your hard work. Xo.

The Molotov Cocktail

We were swept away…

…by the tremendous talent we witnessed in the
2017 Shadow Award poetry contest.

This contest yielded our highest turnout to date, making competition especially fierce. Once again, brilliant poet Mary Lenoir Bond did the heavy-lifting with the judging process. A huge thanks to Mary for all of her efforts, burning the midnight oil and giving each and every entry the thoughtful consideration it deserved. 

We were also thrilled, once again, to see so many international submissions. The contest included entries from the United States, U.K., Ireland, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Israel, Portugal, India, and Indonesia. A huge thanks to everyone who sent us dark and offbeat poems. While we obviously can’t recognize all of your quality work here, we truly appreciate reading it. If you didn’t place in our contest, keep sending that poetry out into the world. We’d love to see it pop up in…

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