Flash Monster 2018 results!

The fifth annual Flash Monster results ready to give you the creeps:

The Molotov Cocktail

Who made the cut?

After a grueling selection process, 10 stories have made it out alive. This marks our fifth Halloween contest, and while the quality of submissions always bowls us over, carving these tremendous entries down to a Top 10 was brutal. 

This contest saw a higher than average percentage of entries from American writers, but as always, we are thrilled to see submissions trickle in from around the globe. In addition to the States, we read work from writers stationed in Australia, Bahamas, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, New Zealand, and (of course) the U.K.

And now on to the good stuff…

The following writers had stories that made it through several rounds of cuts, but didn’t quite squeak into the Top 10.

Close-but-no-cigar shortlist shout-outs go to:

Sarah Barbet-Sawyer
Sean Barrett
Nathan Blixt
Alicia Bones
Andrew Bourelle
Gordon Brown
Michael Carter
Karolina Connolly
Celia Daniels
Christina Dalcher

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